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Для ностальгирующих буржуи выпустили обновленную версию лунохода

  • Smaller version of the original programmable tank from 1979
  • Program in a series of commands using the on-board keypad and BigTrak executes them
  • New 'Memory Save' function allows previous programs to be stored for later use
  • Tank style movement allows BigTrak to move forward, turn in place and fire it's light cannon
  • Plot a course up to 60 feet and navigate around obstacles
  • Bigtrak Jr features a new 'active accessory port' allowing it to use exclusive new accessories (coming 2011) including a digital camera and foam rocket launcher
  • Comes with with six plastic 'moon crater' obstacles
  • Requires 3 X AA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 200mm long, 152mm wide, 90mm high

Стоит счастье 30 уе =)

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